SS Peritia

Science Ship Peritia is a civilian research vessel, originally commissioned and operated by the New Oxford University from Pluto.

One of the few ships to survive the War unscathed and with its crew intact, it was saved by the remoteness of its mission; it was performing a long term scan of the Archon Nebula, with most of the crew continuously in hibernation.

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USS Business

USS Business, named after a fictional ship from a once-popular soap opera The Trek of Stars is the flagship of the Clown guild, one of the many factions roaming the remains of the Greater Commonwealth.

It is constructed mostly from parts of other ships salvaged from the many battlefields left over from the War. It is also, not surprisingly, manned completely and exclusively by clowns.

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SA Blue Marlin

Marlin overview

The Blue Marlin, produced by Seine Automotive (SA) on Earth, was a legend even before the first one left the assembly line.

A sleek, fast, modern ship, capable of both atmospheric and interstellar flight, designed by the famous design shop of Luca Fermi-Dioderma, it rocked the stagnant civilian ship market wide awake when first announced.

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Tamahito SCXE-200 “Buddy”


The SCXE-200, known affectionately as “Buddy”, was the first fully autonomous light fighter drone introduced to the Greater Commonwealth military.

Produced by the large shipyards of the Tamahito Industries based on Europa, it was as instant success. Due to the fact that it did not have to carry any life-support systems, it was much cheaper to produce and field than human operated fighters.

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