Xen-Tau 76 Nemesis


The Xen-Tau Industries drone Model 76 “Nemesis” was a fully autonomous combat drone deployed just weeks before the start of the Uprising.

Nemesis was instantly recognizable due to its signature wing shape and one-of-a-kind control unit shell, resembling a large, alien egg. The look inspired fear and respect in the hearts of human pilots and it was certainly not misleading.

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DSI Sunspot


The Automated Ore Extraction System “Sunspot”, built by Drone Systems International, was the first fully autonomous mining drone.

Small, slow, ugly and not very smart, it immediately became amazingly popular with mining companies for a simple reason – it could reduce costs dramatically and lower miner accidents to almost zero.

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Meosakeotlam speeder


The Meosakeotlam speeder is a fast, deadly and fragile single person combat vehicle. It is used by The Police clan members during their frequent raids against criminals, gangs and people who do not separate trash.

A large forward articulated cannon provides most of the fire power, while two side plasma blasters and a powerful dual exhaust engine complete the picture.

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