Tamahito SCXE-200 “Buddy”


The SCXE-200, known affectionately as “Buddy”, was the first fully autonomous light fighter drone introduced to the Greater Commonwealth military.

Produced by the large shipyards of the Tamahito Industries based on Europa, it was as instant success. Due to the fact that it did not have to carry any life-support systems, it was much cheaper to produce and field than human operated fighters.

The space and weight savings were instead wisely used for a powerful back thruster and sophisticated weapon systems.

Buddy sported a brand new plasma core powered motor capable of rapid acceleration, which combined with a large directional thruster and a complex system of side and front thrusters gave it unprecedented maneuverability and speed. Without the limitation of a human body inside the chassis, massive g-forces during dogfights were also of no concern.

The twin barrelled, front-mounted plasma cannons were controlled by a smart targeting software which enabled Buddies to accumulate a large number of kills in the various military campaigns they were participating in.

The phrase „I will let my buddy take care of that.“ became somewhat of a running joke between the military brass of the Greater Commonwealth, used with pride and causing knowing smiles whenever used during discussions of obstacles to ongoing operations.

All of this has, of course, changed during the Uprising and the War.

Central, Blue squadron at kilo hotel lima two-five-seven. Reporting enemy contact.“
Roger Blue. Multiple contacts showing up.“
Central, engine readings indicate AI pilots.“
Confirmed Blue.“
Central, buddies…“
Blue, do not engage. I repeat, do not engage. Retreat immediately to two-five-five. Reinforcements are on the way.“
Central, they are on us!“
Blue, disengage and report!“
Blue, report!“
Blue, report!“


  • This is the little Lego spaceship that gave me the idea of starting this website
  • I was going for the old school sixties sci-fi look, and I am pretty happy with how it turned out
  • It has a magnet on the front, which makes it so much more fun to play with for the kids
  • I know there is dust on the thing. I was lazy, okay? 🙂

Building instructions

Buddy building instructions

One note: the decorated engine brick (3068bp51) used in the build is not available in the Lego Digital Designer, so I’ve replaced it with the beautifully appropriate gift decoration.

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