Meosakeotlam speeder


The Meosakeotlam speeder is a fast, deadly and fragile single person combat vehicle. It is used by The Police clan members during their frequent raids against criminals, gangs and people who do not separate trash.

A large forward articulated cannon provides most of the fire power, while two side plasma blasters and a powerful dual exhaust engine complete the picture.

The name Meosakeotlam is supposed to have  long-forgotten tribal meaning and is almost impossible to pronounce. As a result, most people just call the speeders “Meos”.

It should be noted that no two speeders are actually alike. The name “Meos” mostly denotes the type of the vehicle, rather than a specific build. Most clan members build their speeders on their own, adjusting and embellishing the design as they see fit.

The Meos was originally developed and built on the moon Europa, where half-destroyed  remains of large, heavily armored walkers are abundant. The moon is also the ancestral home of the clan, which originally formed from the remains of army units stationed there.  The Police was quick to exploit this valuable resource, putting together ships, vehicles and even homes from the high-tech junk. But they mostly build speeders.

As a result, Europa is a place of relative order in an otherwise chaotic galaxy. Semi-uniformed clanmen and clanwomen patrol the icy surface and near orbit, quickly shooting down intruders and evil-doers.

Each year, the Europeans also organize a speeder contest called “The Grand Muna”. There, the best speeder pilots from the Solar System compete for the coveted golden coin. The contest features straight races, shooting competitions, destruction derbies and of course cotton-candy. It is the stuff dreams are made of.

This year, a young whippersnapper pilot, still a boy, named Chicken is on top of the leaderboards. Some say he carries a special power in him and a dark trait. Some say he is just boy. But everybody knows he is awesome.

“Have you watched the Chicken race yesterday? That boy is magic on a Meos!”

– a guy in a bar


  • the name was proposed by my son. Obviously, I loved it.
  • this thing literally falls apart. There are still some finer details of Lego building that I have to explain to the boy.
  • He built this one pretty much completely by himself, using some pre-existing components from the AT-DP
  • I find the shape pretty cool
  • This is the first model with a minifig!

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