SA Blue Marlin

Marlin overview

The Blue Marlin, produced by Seine Automotive (SA) on Earth, was a legend even before the first one left the assembly line.

A sleek, fast, modern ship, capable of both atmospheric and interstellar flight, designed by the famous design shop of Luca Fermi-Dioderma, it rocked the stagnant civilian ship market wide awake when first announced.

Going against the prevailing wisdom that civilian ships have to be functional, cheap and as invisible as possible, the Marlin was a statement of pure opulence.

It was loaded to the brim with latest technologies: from the direct-link control systems (using the standard neck plug), through the full VR entertainment package, to little details like autonomous BIGLED front lights.

But it was also really, really fast. Seine Automotive liked to boast that the Marlin was the fastest, most agile civilian ship available on the market and nobody ever proved them wrong.

The massive, nu-diesel automatic engine, combined with the antigrav flight pads and articulated control thrusters, helped it win every race it entered, if controlled by a competent pilot.

Only five thousand were ever built and all were pre-ordered by anonymous buyers. The price was 16.3 million gold credits.

They are the holy-grail of the post War relic hunters.

“Have you heard? Gergely from accounting has pre-ordered the Blue Marlin!”
“Yeah right. More like the Deathly Clownfish, with his salary.”
“That was a terrible joke, Ted.”


  • I really wanted to make it all purple and black, but I did not have enough bricks
  • this is a pretty solid build, everything holds together pretty well
  • the only movable part is the slightly adjustable wing at the top.
  • I think this is the first time I’ve used a chair for something else than a chair. I am quite proud. 🙂

Building instructions

Marlin building instruction

One note: the colors are a bit hit and miss compared to the original, use your best judgement. 🙂

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