USS Business

USS Business, named after a fictional ship from a once-popular soap opera The Trek of Stars is the flagship of the Clown guild, one of the many factions roaming the remains of the Greater Commonwealth.

It is constructed mostly from parts of other ships salvaged from the many battlefields left over from the War. It is also, not surprisingly, manned completely and exclusively by clowns.

The Clown guild has formed right at the end of the War and it pursues a simple philosophy. Since the human life is short, the space is vast, and the opportunity for fun endless, one should have as much of it as possible.

For this purpose, their flagship is fitted with bleeding edge clown technology. With two front mounted cake blasters, a top funny sounds siren, a toilet flushing sound making engine and two large bandwidth antennas, capable of calling in more Clown reinforcements, it is able to bring annoyance and mirthless laughs to a large audience.

The ship is therefore avoided by most other factions, including the vicious Zlorb and the evil Warlocks of Doom. Nobody looks menacing with a cake in their face or visor.

And thus the Clowns go about their business unopposed.

Once upon a time, there was a spaceship that went to space. It was hit by a meteor, but it just bounced off and did not harm the ship at all. There was a fart sound. Then the bell rang and the story was done.

– The chronicles of Mata, chief Clown

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